What it’s about

Canada’s Passover Magazine

You asked us. We delivered! Canada’s Passover Magazine is the hottest item of the year, flying off the shelves. You asked us to make our magazine in a smaller format and we did it!
It is a much smaller format with more information and easy to carry around making us your go-to Passover shopping guide.
With over 20,000 copies distributed across Canada, we take our responsibility to the greater Jewish community very seriously.

This year you will find expanded lists, taking the guide to a whole new level. Included guides are:
  • -Enhanced Medications and Toiletries
  • -Comprehensive Cosmetics
  • -How-to Kosher Explanations
  • -Kids Pages
  • -Stories of interest from Chabad across Canada to new companies to human interest

Press Release

Montreal - Living as a Jew in 2015 is challenging to say the least, yet keeping the mitzvos, such as Kosher, Shemitta and especially Passover have gotten much easier. If one were to browse their local grocery before Passover one can find everything from kosher for Passover rolls, cereal, spices and everything in between.

The great minds at Montreal's MK – Canada’s Kosher Certifier were one of the first kosher certifiers to release an app to help Jews across the world access their entire database on which products were kosher certified and which weren't.

They were looking for a way to take Passover knowledge, laws and customs and make them available to the world at large and found it when they stumbled upon a new technology that will usher in a new age of Kosher education to Jews worldwide.

This new technology, called AR or augmented reality, was created in Europe.

Augmented Reality is a technology that takes the world around you (through a camera or head mounted display) and adds virtual content within a page such that it looks like it's actually there in the real world.

As a user the process is simple – you download the free Zappar app which opens up a camera view in "scanning" mode. Once the app detects something that's Zappar powered it assembles all the content and brings that thing to life on-screen in front of your very eyes. Boring black and white text pages in anything from a book to magazine can now come to life and jump off the page with videos, interactive games and more.

MK Canada’s Kosher Certifier has broken new, unchartered ground with the launch of the first-ever fully interactive Passover magazine.

"Zappar is the augmented reality provider that the MK have partnered with to bring this Passover project to life.The MK are the first Jewish organization to use Zappar and it’s been an absolute pleasure to work with them. They’ve really pushed the limits of what’s possible with the Zapcode Creator and have helped us improve the tool (for instance, we now support Hebrew font). We would like to wish them and all of you a happy Passover, and we hope you enjoy this Zappar Powered edition.”
- Max Dawes, Partnerships Director, Zappar.

No matter your age, if you own an iPhone, Smart Phone or tablet the Zappar app is available and you can start exploring the world of Kosher Passover Magazine bringing you exclusive content in AR. Do you have children who love stories? In this year’s magazine experience Rebbe Hill, the magnificent storyteller in an audio story created special for the Passover Magazine. World renowned speaker Rabbi Pasach Krohn author of the bestselling The Maggid series…

Not sure how to kosher your kitchen for Passover? Watch how it’s done with experts not only showing but explaining the process and why it is necessary. Don’t know how to set up your Seder plate? Zap it, and watch as the zeroah, beitza and other foods are "dropped" onto the Seder plate on your screen in their correct positions, according to your custom. Can’t keep track of counting Sefirah? Zap each day so you won't forget whether you counted the previous day or not. Want a better understand of Sephardic and Ashekenazi Passover customs? Zap the video and watch it all unfold in vibrant media.

Don't let the name of the magazine fool you. Though the name of the publication is Canada's Passover Magazine, the publication is NOT geared just towards Canadians. This is a Passover magazine about Passover and customs worldwide for all sects of Jews. The name is Canada because that is where the magazine was founded by the MK Kosher certifier, and that is where it became a phenomenon known throughout the world.

Canada's Kosher Magazine will be available in your local book store Rosh Chodesh Nissan. If you cannot find one, please visit our website canadapassover.ca and we will get you a copy right away