Do baby formulas pose a problem for Passover?

The majority of infant formulas contain soy products, which are Kitniyot. Since the restrictions against Kitniyot does not apply to infants, one should ensure to keep the bottles, nipples and formula away from the kitchen. These items should be washed up in a separate sink (i.e. bathroom sink).

Do alfalfa sprouts require Pesach Certification?

No. These do not need special Pesach certification and can be eaten without checking for bugs.

Do Marvid Chickens require a special Kosher for Passover certification?

Marvid Chickens are Kosher for Passover, all year round, without a Passover label.

Can I use my year-round baby bottles and/or pacifiers for Passover or do I need to purchase news ones?

As these items are usually washed with regular non-Passover, all year round items, separate bottles and/or pacifier should be purchased.

Does breath spray need to be Kosher for Passover?

Yes, breath spray requires special Kosher for Passover certfication.

Is a new washing cup for my kitchen required for Passover?

Should the washing cup be metal, this can be Kashered. Otherwise, one should purchase a new washing cup for Passover.

Can the warming drawer in my oven be used on Passover?

As the heat setting does not go high enough to constitute Libun (burning), this may not be used, nor Kashered.

Rather, it should be cleaned, sealed and not used over Passover.

Can regular unflavored teabags be used without Passover certification?

Yes, only regular unflavored teabags may be used. Caffeine-free tea requires special Passover certification.

Does frozen, raw fish need special Passover certification?

Frozen fish does indeed require reliable Passover certification, due to the mainstream practices of glaze application to them.

Can soy milk or almond milk be used for Passover?

This is not recommended, as both soy as well as almond milk can be problematic.