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Diabetic Guide during Passover

This Diabetic information section has been made possible thanks to the efforts and great work of Rabbi Hirsch... READ MORE.

10 Simple Steps to Koshering your Nespresso Machine for Passover

Clean the outside of machine, using a new sponge and a cleaning agent (soap, liquid detergent, etc). READ MORE.

30 Passover Questions – Answered

Deluxe Paper Parchment Paper does NOT require special Passover certification. READ MORE.

Passover on the Front Lines

Imagine being in the army and being an observant Jew. For starters, how does one get kosher food to a war zone? Or to tashlich in Kuwait? Better yet, how does one conduct a seder in Kuwait? With great difficulty, but it gets done. And who comes to such a seder? Read on and meet two Jewish chaplains who take care of all the needs of the Jewish military members stationed around the world. READ MORE.

Ten Popular Passover Questions

Do baby formulas pose a problem for Passover? The majority of infant formulas contain soy products, which are Kitniyot. Since the restrictions against Kitniyot does not apply to infants, one should ensure to keep the bottles, nipples and formula away from the kitchen. These items should be washed up in a separate sink (i.e. bathroom sink). READ MORE.

A Passover Miracle

It was Erev Pesach in the year 5344 (1584). As Rabbi Leib (the MaHaRaL) was intoning the prayers which usher in the Festival of Deliverance in the Altneur Shul of Prague, he made an error. Instead of reading “Umachalif es hazmanim” (and He changes the seasons) he read “Umachamitz es hazmanim” (and He sours the seasons). Rabbi Leib was frightened by this error. “Stop,” he thought to himself, “this must signify something special, perhaps even an attack upon us!” He broke off his praying and turning to the congregation, said: “I must leave off praying for now, but you may go on, but no one is to leave this place until I give the word”. READ MORE.

A Passover Seder in Jail

No one can begin to fathom what it must be like to be in jail. The truth is, we donʼt even want to think about it. Given that, there are Jews incarcerated and sadly, spend many holidays behind bars. Thanks to Rabbi Zushe Silberstein, these people have a lifeline to Judaism and a connection to someone once they get out of jail. No Shabbat or holiday goes by without his attention to these individuals and to their many needs, physically, emotionally and spiritually. READ MORE.

From Darkness to Freedom

Have you ever wondered to yourself if you had lived during the time of the Holocaust and survived, what kind of person would you be afterwards? Angry at the world for not stepping forward and helping? Angry at G-d? Tibor Bolgar was angry at both the world and G-d when he was liberated from the camps. It didnʼt take him long however to realize something very profound: his survival was a gift from G-d and as such there were two tasks in front of him. READ MORE.

The Real Difference Between Chametz and Matzah

Chametz and Matzah: two food types that are inexorably linked to Pesach. One is the unleavened icon of our liberation, while the other is the leavened opposite of Matzah. As opposite as they are physically and - are almost identical. They share two letters, the mem and the tzadi, but “Matzah” has a heh at the end, whereas “Chametz” has a “ches” at the beginning. But even these differences are slight. The “ches” and “heh” actually look very similar. The only difference between them is the small aperture in the left side of the letter “heh,” while the “ches” is closed on both sides. READ MORE.

Passover on the Shores of the Atlantic Ocean

One thing is certain. Halifax is not a bastion of kosher food. Over the years things have gotten much better as the world has gotten smaller, but if one keeps kosher and cholov Israel (term which refers to all dairy products, including cheese and non-fat dry milk powder, which derive from milk that has been milked under the supervision of an observant Jew), Halifax is not where one would envision as their go-to city. READ MORE.